About Our Manufacturing Machine Shop

About Our Manufacturing Machine Shop

Tri-State Manufacturing was established more than 20 years ago with a few Davenport Screw Machines and Swiss Screw Machines to manufacture electronic components. Over the years, Tri-State Manufacturing has added additional equipment to make precision aircraft, fastener, and commercial products.

Producers and distributors of aerospace, medical device, electronic and other industrial, military and commercial products turn to Tri-State Manufacturing for custom parts that meet exacting specifications. Tri-State’s operations incorporate precision, highly productive equipment with proven processes to deliver what our customers require, on time, always. We do turning, slotting, tapping, threading, drilling, milling and other operations to create what our customers need. Tri-State Manufacturing complies with ISO9001:2008 quality standards and many of our customers require MIL SPEC compliance as well. We serve customers all over the United States with a concentration in Southern California. Typical parts range from simple spacers and stand-offs to complex aerospace grommets and internally & externally threaded blind bolts. Materials include stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper, titanium, high strength alloys and plastics in addition to common carbon steels.

Tri State Manufacturing

The guiding principle of our company is to always say what we will do and do what we say. This applies to pricing, delivery schedules, quality and communication. The best evidence that we follow through on this promise is found in the comments we hear from our customers. A number of our customers perform regular audits of our quality processes, our delivery performance, and our product quality. We will be pleased to provide references.

Also, we recently examined our competitive record and found that we win just over 87% of the time when work is put out to bid. This is solid affirmation that our cost structure and efficiencies are benefits for our customers and allow them to deliver cost competitive, high quality end products in many worldwide markets.